31 Jan 2023 16:48

Putin orders that measures be drafted to support AI projects

MOSCOW. Jan 31 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has tasked the AI Alliance with proposing additional measures to support new and existing projects in the field of artificial intelligence before October 15, says a list of instructions published on the Kremlin website.

The association is also tasked with proposing additional measures to support AI specialists before October 1. It will propose the provision of access to depersonalized personal data for domestic software developers to meet their needs in the amounts necessary for the design and implementation of machine learning technologies.

In turn, the government will include measures towards the implementation of AI technologies in the investment programs of state-run companies as a priority before March 15.

The Federal Tax Service, acting together with the Economic Development Ministry and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Communications and Mass Media, will ensure the efficient use of the mechanism of tax benefits for entrepreneurs procuring and implementing advanced domestic information and telecommunication technologies. The agencies will make the first respective report by March 1, 2023. Reports will follow once every six months.

The government will set mandatory requirements before April 15 to raise the efficiency of economic entities and compel them to use modern technologies, including AI, whenever such entities receive federal budget subsidies.

The government will amend national projects and state programs before September 1 to envisage the implementation of AI technologies in every economic and social sector.

Together with the AI Alliance, the government will amend norms and regulations which hinder the implementation of AI technologies in the economy and the social sector before September 1. If necessary, it will take other measures to create conditions for testing and the operation of autonomous control systems in motor, rail, air and water transport. It will also create favorable conditions for exports of domestic products using AI technologies.

The Russian presidential administration, acting together with the government and the AI Alliance, will draw up an order before June 1 to amend the National Strategy for Development of Artificial Intelligence for the Period until 2030, which, in particular, will include a package of measures towards the comprehensive implementation of AI technologies in the economy, the social sector, and public administration.