30 Jan 2023 12:49

Ukrenergo increases daytime electricity limits, cuts nighttime limits for Monday

MOSCOW. Jan 30 (Interfax) - The Ukrenergo electricity transmission system operator has increased daytime electricity limits by 1.9%-3.08% for Ukrainian regions on January 30, compared to Sunday, while slightly cutting nighttime limits, according to some operators of the electricity distribution network.

The Ukrainian media said with the reference to the operators that Ukrenergo had increased daytime limits after their insignificant reduction over the past two days, while cutting nighttime limits following their increase on Sunday.

The only exception is the Dnepropetrovsk region where nighttime limits were raised by 0.74%.

DTEK said on social media that power supply limits in Kiev and the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk regions allowed for hourly power supply schedules, while emergency power outages would continue in the Odessa region, given the serious damage to infrastructure. DTEK said that repairs, which could stabilize power supply in the Odessa region, would continue at least until the end of January.

The Ukrainian media said with the reference to Ukrenergo that electricity consumption increased in Ukraine on Monday compared to the weekend, which is characteristic of the beginning of a working week, amid a significant deficit in the energy system.

The company said in a daily update on social media that all regional electricity suppliers had been informed about consumption limits for today.

There had been no emergency power outages caused by exceeded limits as of Monday morning, it said.

Meanwhile, the DTEK Odessa power grids' website says that emergency power outages are in effect in the Odessa region because of the damage sustained by infrastructure on January 26.

Ukrenergo also said that several power plant units were placed under maintenance over the weekend.