27 Jan 2023 19:02

Ukraine harvests crops from 96% of planned area, including corn from 90% - AgMin

MOSCOW. Jan 27 (Interfax) - Ukrainian farmers have harvested 78.7 million tonnes of primary crops (+1.4 million tonnes over the past week) from an overall area of 18.4 million hectares (+0.1 million hectares) as of January 27, including 52.6 million tonnes of grains and legumes, the Ukrainian media reported, citing information on the Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry website.

The harvest was gathered from 96% of the planned area, up 1 percentage point from the week before. Corn has yet to be reaped from 10% of the planned area (+3 percentage points over the past week).

In terms of particular crops, the harvesting of wheat, barley, peas, rapeseed, soybeans, and sugar beet was completed. Buckwheat has yet to be harvested from 2% and millet and sunflower from 1% of the planned area.

The final wheat harvest this year amounted to 20.2 million tonnes reaped from 5 million hectares, barley 5.8 million tonnes from 1.7 million hectares, soybeans 3.7 million tonnes from 1.5 million hectares, rapeseed 3.2 million tonnes from 1.1 million hectares, peas 269,000 tonnes from 118,000 hectares, and sugar beet 9 million tonnes from 180,000 hectares, the ministry said.

As of January 27, farmers harvested 25.2 million tonnes of corn (+0.8 million tonnes over the past week) from 3.8 million hectares (+0.1 million hectares), 10.5 million tonnes of sunflower from 4.8 million hectares, 158,000 tonnes of buckwheat from 116,000 hectares, and 102,000 tonnes of millet from 45,000 hectares.

The average yield for all crops this season was 4.76 tonnes per hectare, including 6.65 tonnes per hectare for corn, 4.05 tonners per hectare for wheat, 3.47 tonnes per hectare for barley, 2.86 tonnes per hectare for rapeseed, 2.43 tonnes per hectare for soybeans, 2.28 tonnes per hectare for peas, 2.28 tonnes per hectare for millet, 2.17 tonnes per hectare for sunflower, 1.37 tonnes per hectare for buckwheat, and 50.1 tonnes per hectare for sugar beet, the ministry said.

In particular, farmers harvested 5.5 million tonnes of grain in the Poltava region, 4.05 million tonnes in the Vinnitsa region, 4.02 million tonnes in the Kirovograd region, and 3.9 million tonnes in the Cherkassy and Khmelnitsky regions each. The Khmelnitsky region saw the highest grain yield of 7.08 tonnes per hectare.

As reported earlier, Ukraine yielded a record harvest of grains, legumes, and oilseeds totaling over 106 million tonnes in 2021, including 84 million tonnes of grains and legumes and 22.6 million tonnes of oilseeds.

In particular, Ukraine in 2021 harvested 32.4 million tonnes of wheat, 40 million tonnes of corn, 10 million tonnes of barley, 581,500 tonnes of peas, 191,000 tonnes of millet, 110,000 tonnes of buckwheat, as well as 16.3 million tonnes of sunflower, 3.4 million tonnes of soybeans, and 2.9 million tonnes of rapeseed.