27 Jan 2023 17:42

Ukraine ups electricity imports from Europe amid shortage

MOSCOW. Jan 27 (Interfax) - Ukraine, which is experiencing a power capacity shortage, was due on Friday to import 7.368 GWh from Europe, the most so far this year, Ukrainian media reported, citing data from the website of ENTSO-E, the European system operator network.

The electricity is being delivered from Slovakia.

According to Ukrenergo electronic auction platform data, D. Trading, which is part of Rinat Akhmetov's DTEK energy holding, booked the most cross-border capacity for imports for January 27 at 450-500 MW for all hours of the day. The Avgust trading company booked 10 MW for all hours, ERU Trading 6 MW and DE Trading 5MW.

Ukrenergo has almost doubled capacity for auction to 500-600 MW per day, depending on the hour of the day, since January 26.

According to ENTSO-E, Ukraine,began to receive imported electricity from January 15. The country received 655 MWh, on January 20 it received 220 MWh, on January 21 - 6.963 GWh, on January 22 - 6.672 GWh, on January 25 - 99 MWh and on January 26 - 3.813 GWh or 18,422 GWh in total. D. Trading has been the most active importer.

According to Ukrenergo, imports make it possible to reduce the load on the Ukrainian energy system, but are not able to cover the shortage of electricity entirely. According to network operators, the consumption limits allocated to Ukrainian regions make it possible to cover about half of the demand, and in Kiev about 64%.