27 Jan 2023 14:15

Logistical hub to deliver energy assistance to Ukraine opened in Poland

MOSCOW. Jan 27 (Interfax) - European Union Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic and Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki have opened the new rescEU energy hub in Poland that will act as a logistical center for delivering emergency energy assistance to Ukraine, Ukrainian media said, citing the EU press service.

"By opening the new rescEU energy hub for other donors, we can help boost energy donations for Ukraine in its darkest hour," Lenarcic said.

The rescEU hub will be used to deliver power generators to Ukraine, according to the press release.

The new EU hub will allow international partners and the private sector to help channel their assistance to Ukraine, while the EU will fully finance its transportation, it said.

The European Commission has awarded 114 million euros to Poland for purchasing generators to be part of this rescEU energy reserve. As a first step, 1,000 new generators will be delivered from Poland to Ukraine, which comes on top of the 1,400 generators and millions of energy items already offered via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.