25 Jan 2023 20:59

Switzerland bans provision of certain services, restricts exports of dual-purpose goods to Russia

BRUSSELS. Jan 25 (Interfax) - Following the European Union, Switzerland has imposed restrictions on exports to Russia of certain products, including dual-purpose goods, and banned the provision of certain services to Russia, the Swiss Federal Council said in a statement.

"The Federal Council will now implement the remaining measures of the ninth package of sanctions with effect from 25 January. These include bans on services in the areas of product testing, advertising, and market research and opinion polling services," the Federal Council said on Wednesday.

The measures take effect at 6:00 p.m. local time.

The Swiss government also imposed export control on certain goods, "including dual-use goods, goods for military and technological enhancement, or for the development of the defense and security sector, or goods that contribute to the enhancement of Russian industrial capacity."

In addition, Switzerland has extended an export ban on goods for the aerospace industry to include engines for aircraft and drones and banned new investments in Russia's mining sector.

At the same time, the Swiss authorities "can now grant exemptions from the arms embargo on demining equipment for use in Ukraine on a case-by-case basis."

In December, Switzerland introduced part of the measures from the EU's ninth sanctions package on Russia, putting 141 individuals and 49 legal entities on its blacklist.

The Council of the EU on December 16 endorsed the ninth sanctions package on Russia, which, among other things, imposes restrictions on the mining and energy sector and bans exports of aerospace industry products and engines for drones.

The EU also added 168 entities related to Russia's defense industry to its blacklist. The ninth sanctions package also includes 144 individuals, among them high-ranking Russian officials, parliamentarians, military officers, and performers.