25 Jan 2023 11:19

Daytime power consumption limits in Ukraine for Jan 25 almost unchanged

MOSCOW. Jan 25 (Interfax) - After increasing electricity consumption limits across Ukraine on Tuesday, the Ukrenergo power grid operator kept them unchanged in the majority of regions on Wednesday, January 25, Ukraine's power distribution system operators said on social media.

The exception is the Poltava region, where the nighttime limit was raised by 17.2%, and the Dnepropetrovsk region, where the nighttime limit was increased by 10.16%, Ukrainian media said.

The Poltavaoblenergo company said this time that it is receiving individual consumption limits for every hour of the 24-hour period.

Prikarpatyeoblenergo has stopped publishing information on power consumption limits.

The introduced power consumption limits make it possible to reinstate stabilizing schedules in Kiev, the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk regions round the clock, and in the Odessa region after 7:00 a.m., DTEK said.

According to Sergei Kovalenko, general director of the YASNO company, which supplies power to Kiev and the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions, stabilizing schedules continued to be used in the capital.

"The following limits are expected on January 25: to 981 MW during the day and 642 MW at night. It will help cover 65% of consumers' electricity needs," Kovalenko said on social media.

On Wednesday, out of the 1450 MW of electricity required by the capital, the power shortage in Kiev will be 469 MW during the day, and city will receive 981 MW of electricity, 400 MW of which will be supplied to critical infrastructure, and 581 MW will go to ordinary consumers, he said.

The situation is more difficult in Dnepropetrovsk and in its region, Kovalenko said.

"The region's power consumption limits for tomorrow will be 1186 MW during the day and 1170 MW at night, which will make it possible to cover 54% of the electricity needs if air temperatures do not fall," he said.

Kovalenko estimated the region's daytime electricity needs at 2200 MW, which means that the power shortage will stand at 1014 MW, 472 MW will be supplied to critical infrastructure, and 714 MW to ordinary consumers.

On Tuesday, the power consumption limit for the Dnepropetrovsk region was decreased by over 10%, prompting local services to resort to emergency power outages, he said.