25 Jan 2023 10:51

Ukrenergo and Ukrainian World Congress to facilitate procurement of power equipment for Ukraine

MOSCOW. Jan 25 (Interfax) - Ukrenergo power grid operator CEO Vladimir Kudritsky and Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Paul Grod have signed a memorandum of cooperation and consolidation of efforts to search for and purchase power equipment for the restoration of the company's transmission networks.

"Equipment for 220-750 kV high-voltage networks is the key element that is needed today to restore the normal functioning of the transmission system network, which has sustained unprecedented damage in the history of the energy industry," Ukrainian media outlets quoted Ukrenergo as saying in a social media post on Tuesday.

Furthermore, this cooperation involves searching for and procuring financing from public and private sources to restore Ukraine's power infrastructure.

Currently, Ukrenergo continues taking steps to draw technical and financial assistance for the speedy restoration of the normal operation of networks and the possibility of supplying critical equipment to damaged facilities.

"Today we will receive technical support from partners. This is a powerful energy coalition," the company said.

The UWC represents the interests of more than 20 million Ukrainians in communities in more than 60 countries and has the status of an international non-governmental organization under the auspices of the Council of Europe.