23 Jan 2023 12:01

Ukrenergo cuts limits for some regions on Jan 23, deficit remains

MOSCOW. Jan 23 (Interfax) - Following an increase in daytime electricity limits by 6%-6.3% and nighttime limits by 1.6%-2%, Ukrenergo has lowered the limits by 3.7%-3.8% and 1.8%-2.0%, respectively, electricity distribution system operators said on social media.

According to the Ukrainian media, DTEK said that such limits would allow stabilization power outages in the Odessa region between 7 a.m. and midnight, alongside stabilization power outages applied in other regions around the clock.

"The following limits are in effect for Monday. Kiev gets 948MW during day hours and 608MW at night. That helps meet 65% of electricity demand during peak hours. Dnepropetrovsk and the region get 1,149 MW during day hours and 1,009 MW at night, thus meeting 52% of the region's demand for electricity. The limitations are higher than today," the Ukrainian media quoted Sergei Kovalenko, general director of the YASNO electricity supplier of Kiev, as saying on a social network. The weather is growing colder and electricity consumption is growing, while the power grid has not recovered so much to withstand significant load, he said.

The Ukrainian media reported Ukrenergo as saying on Sunday that electricity consumption grew slightly since Saturday because of colder weather and the deficit of power grid capacity remained substantial, while the limits were increased a bit nonetheless.

"Thanks to the weekend, all regional energy company have slightly higher limits than yesterday, i.e. consumption limits for all days, despite colder weather," the Ukrainian media quoted Ukrenergo as saying on a social network.

Ukrenergo reminded of the damage done to power plants (generation capacities), high-voltage power transmission lines, and a number of units of thermal power plants. It also said that frosts followed warm weather throughout the country.

Operators of six electricity distribution systems said earlier that Ukrenergo increased the limits on Sunday: daytime limits were raised by approximately 6%, while nighttime limits went up 2%.