12 Jan 2023 15:27

Mayors of 4 European capitals visiting Kiev determined to keep supporting Ukrainian capital

MOSCOW. Jan 12 (Interfax) - Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko has thanked the mayors of four European capitals, i.e. Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, and Bratislava, the founding members of the Pact of Free Cities, for arriving in Kiev to reaffirm their support and continued assistance to the Ukrainian capital, Ukrainian media have reported with reference to the mayor's press service.

Mayors Rafal Trzaskowski of Warsaw, Zdenek Hrib of Prague, Gergely Karacsony of Budapest, and Matus Vallo of Bratislava, the cities that founded the Pact of Free Cities in 2019, on Wednesday visited Kiev, which had joined the pact in September 2022.

The four mayors stressed that they will keep helping Kiev, in particular, by providing it with the necessary equipment to go through this winter, as well as in the Ukrainian capital's future recovery.

During the crisis, Kiev has received 16 railcars of food, 400 fan heaters, and ten power generators from Prague. Budapest has received Ukrainian children for recuperation at Lake Balaton and Lake Oreg resorts and donated a powerful generator to the Kiev city power and heating company. Bratislava plans to donate 25 city buses to Kiev. Warsaw, in particular, has served as a logistical center coordinating the flow of humanitarian aid from other European cities and countries to Kiev, including 2,500 tonnes of foodstuffs, person hygiene articles, and medicines.

The Warsaw Metro will also provide Kiev with 60 subway cars, under a letter of intent signed between Klitschko and Trzaskowski.