26 Dec 2022 16:30

Norebo testing new logistics of shipping fish from Murmansk to China

MURMANSK. Dec 26 (Interfax) - The fishing companies incorporated in the Norebo Group have shipped the first batch of fish products by rail from Murmansk to St. Petersburg to be further delivered to China, Norebo told Interfax.

The batch includes 20 refrigerator trucks carrying over 500 tonnes of black halibut. The fish is to be shipped first to the St. Petersburg Container Terminal, from where it would be delivered to China by sea.

The company earlier transported its products via the Netherlands, it said.

"This shipment is a test to try out communication with the port. This is a new option of integrated work for us. We are focused on arranging services in Murmansk and organizing a depot of containers with a sophisticated procedure of container distribution, loading, and shipment," Norebo quoted its CEO Vladimir Valter as saying.

The Norebo Group includes major fishing companies in Russia's Northwest and Far East, trading divisions that sell the group's fish products in Russia and abroad, a fish processing plant and cargo terminal with freezer storage and docks, and companies that manage the group's assets.