22 Dec 2022 20:02

Rosatom's investments in 2022 exceed 1 trln rubles, revenue in open part reaches 1.7 trln rubles - general director

MOSCOW. Dec 22 (Interfax) - Rosatom's investments in projects and technology have passed 1 trillion rubles in 2022, Rosatom General Director Alexei Likhachev was quoted as saying by official corporate media Rosatom Country.

Revenue in the open portion rose 4.7-fold in 2022 to 1.7 trillion rubles.

"We estimate nuclear orders at 15 trillion rubles on the horizon of the next ten years, 6 trillion rubles of that for production of hi-tech equipment by Rosatom enterprises," Likhachev said.

Likhachev estimated Rosatom's construction investments at 1.3 trillion rubles earlier in October.

"Our investment program just multiplies from year to year. We make considerable money, but we invest the vast majority back into development. In construction first of all. Our construction investments are approaching 1.3 trillion [rubles] this year," Likhachev said.

Rosatom did not disclose the size of its investment program in its annual financial statement for 2021, but only noted that Rosenergoatom, which operates Rosatom's nuclear power plants in Russia, had fulfilled its investment program 105.5%.

The portfolio of Atomenergoprom's foreign orders for ten years was estimated at $139.9 billion in 2021 compared to $138.3 billion the year before. The estimate for the entire lifecycle is $205.4 billion, Atomenergoprom, which consolidates civilian assets in the nuclear sector, said in its 2021 financial statement.