21 Dec 2022 21:00

Switzerland adds 141 individuals, 49 entities to Russian sanctions lists

BERLIN. Dec 21 (Interfax) - Switzerland, following the European Union, imposed renewed sanctions on Russia, as 141 individuals and 49 legal entities were blacklisted, the Swiss government said in a statement.

"Switzerland, making changes to the sanctions lists on December 21, thereby joined the EU measures," the press release said.

"Switzerland is making changes to the sanctions regime as part of the measures taken by the EU in connection with the supply of Iranian drones to Russia and the continuing alarming situation in Ukraine," the document said.

The renewed sanctions came into force at 6 p.m. local time.

On December 16, the EU also imposed a ban on the export of a number of other categories of goods to Russia and on the provision of a number of services to Russia, and the Swiss government, in turn, will study these measures, it said.

On December 16, the Council of the European Union approved the ninth package of sanctions on Russia, which includes, among other things, restrictions against the mining and energy sectors and a ban on the export of space industry goods and drones.

Additionally, the EU added another 168 entities associated with the Russian defense industry to the blacklists. Further, the ninth package of EU sanctions on Russia included 144 individuals, including high-ranking Russian officials, deputies, military officials and artists from Russia.