16 Dec 2022 12:01

EU leaders approve economic package, including compromise on 18-bln-euro aid for Ukraine in 2023

MOSCOW. Dec 16 (Interfax) - European Union leaders have approved a four-part economic package, which also includes a compromise on providing 18 billion euros in macro-financial assistance to Ukraine in 2023, Ukrainian media said, citing the Czech EU Presidency's social media post on Thursday following a meeting of the Council of the EU.

"EU member states approved a compromise on 18 billion euros for Ukraine, minimum tax for big corporations, resilience and recovery plan for Hungary and budget conditionality. Written procedure is now concluded," it said.

The European Council endorsed a macro-financial assistance package for Ukraine on December 10, outlining two options of guarantees for this loan - they will be provided either by the EU's budget or by member states.

The European Commission's initial proposal was to give Ukraine macro-financial assistance in a format where financing would be provided by the EU member states and guarantees would be covered by the EU's budget. However, Hungary opposed this idea, prompting the European Commission to come up with a compromise solution.

The 18-billion-euro package of macro-financial assistance for Ukraine was approved by the European Parliament on Wednesday, December 14.