15 Dec 2022 20:22

Russia, Belarus agree on 'triangular' flights

MOSCOW. Dec 15 (Interfax) - Russian and Belarusian aviation authorities have agreed to triangulate bilateral flights, according to a document on the website of the Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsia).

"To lift the restrictions on flights by a designated airline company on either side under the 'triangle' scheme for flights between the countries," the minutes of bilateral consultations said.

Such "triangle" flights mean that an airline company from one country can fly to the other, but also make a domestic flight inside it. For example, Belavia will be able to fly both from Minsk to Moscow and from Minsk to Moscow, then on to Samara, and back to Minsk.

It was reported that Russia and Belarus had been planning to discuss removing the restrictions on the frequency of flights between their capitals, as was proposed by the Russian Ministry of Transport. However, the Belarusian Ministry of Transport was proposing to stick to the frequency agreed in February 2019: 63 weekly flights by designated air carriers on each side.

According to the final protocol, the restrictions were never lifted, and in the current winter season as defined by the International Air Transport Association (November to April), the two countries will continue with 63 flights per week. For the purposes of "triangle" flights, the Minsk-Moscow (and vice versa) shoulder will count as a 0.5 frequency.

At present, direct flights between Moscow and Minsk are operated by Aeroflot and its subsidiary Pobeda, and Belavia.