12 Dec 2022 16:35

Russian budget surplus in Jan-Nov totals 557.023 bln rubles

MOSCOW. Dec 12 (Interfax) - Russia had a budget surplus of 557.023 billion rubles in January-November 2022, the Finance Ministry said, citing preliminary data.

According to revised data from Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, the surplus in January-September stood at 200 billion rubles or 0.2% of GDP

According to the revised data voiced by RF Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, in January-September the budget was executed with a surplus of about 200 billion rubles, or 0.2% of GDP after a preliminary estimate of 54.7 billion rubles. In January-October, the preliminary estimate of the surplus was 128.412 billion rubles, meaning that the deficit in October could have amounted to about 72 billion rubles.

Since the agency is now disclosing only part of the data on the budget and adjustments to it, the accumulated indicators disclosed since the beginning of the year do not provide a full picture of November results. The Federal Treasury has also stopped publishing its data on budgets of different levels since some time ago.

If 11M results are compared with the preliminary results of January-October, it can be seen that for the penultimate month of the year, budget fulfilment not only did not come near the updated forecast for the year (deficit of 2% of GDP), but moved significantly away.

Budget revenues amounted to 24.779 trillion rubles, or 99% of the total revenues for the year; spending was 24.222 trillion rubles, or 102.2% of the budget estimate and 83.4% of the revised estimate.