9 Dec 2022 18:18

Railroad part of Crimean Bridge to be restored by mid-summer - Putin

BISHKEK. Dec 9 (Interfax) - The rail tracks on the Crimean Bridge will be restored by next summer, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"They are promising to do the automobile parts at some point in March. They'd been planning it for later, but now they promise it will be done by late March. And the railroad part, one branch, they are promising to do by around mid-March. At first they said in late fall, then promised by mid-summer. I think, around the summer they will do it, probably," Putin told journalists on a visit to Bishkek on Friday.

"I am sure everything will be done on time," he added.

Explaining his decision to do a test drive on the bridge on Monday, December 5, Putin said that he wanted to do it to support the builders and say thank you for their quick, efficient job as well as see the result for himself.

Putin also said that not all the roadworks were completed.

"There are two lanes right next to each other, and they are in working condition, but the builders still think that a few centimeters and millimeters need be brought to 100-percent normative condition. They will do it for the sake of prevention, so to speak. I okayed it. They will now finish the two lanes and will bring them up to a 100-percent norm," Putin said.

As for the damaged rail track, "one branch is fully operational, with no limitation on tonnage. But another, because the [rolling] stock was at a standstill, and the fuel tank was breached, and mostly because of the fire, changes occurred there which need to be put in order," Putin said.