7 Dec 2022 16:06

Ukrainian diplomats continue to receive threats - FM Kuleba

MOSCOW. Dec 7 (Interfax) - Ukrainian diplomats in 15 countries have already received 31 suspicious envelopes, all of which have the same sender address - a Tesla car dealership in Sindelfingen, Germany, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said.

"Ukrainian embassies and consulates have been functioning amid increased security measures for a week already, including visits by K9 teams, explosives experts and criminologists," Ukrainian media quoted Kuleba as saying in a social media post.

Ukraine's embassies to Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Denmark, as well as the consulate in Gdansk have received suspicious packages over the past two days, he said.

There are already 31 such instances in 15 countries: Austria (1), the Vatican (1), Denmark (1), Spain (5), Italy (4), Kazakhstan (1), the Netherlands (1), Poland (6), Portugal (2), Romania (2), the United States (1), Hungary (2), France (1), Croatia (1), and the Czech Republic (2).

"All envelopes have the same sender address - a Tesla car dealership in the German town of Sindelfingen. They were sent, as a rule, from post offices that were not equipped with video surveillance systems. The persons who did it also took measures in order not to leave traces of their DNA on the packages. In particular, it points to the professional organizational level of this action," Kuleba said.

The Ukrainian foreign minister said that he is in touch all the time with his counterparts from these countries, and the Ukrainian embassies in these countries are cooperating with the local authorities to investigate the threats.

"I am grateful to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine which have promptly opened an investigation as well. This terror campaign against Ukrainian diplomat is being waged on an unprecedented scale not only in the context of Ukraine but also at the world level. I do not remember any instances in history when such a number of embassies and consulates of one country were subject to such massive attacks over such a short period of time," Kuleba said.