7 Dec 2022 09:14

Howard Buffett Foundation to supply Ukraine with heavy-duty generators

MOSCOW. Dec 7 (Interfax) - The Howard Buffett Foundation will supply electric power equipment to Ukraine, and the first batch of generators is due to be delivered next week, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said.

"I am grateful to the Howard Buffett Foundation, which will provide Ukraine with electric power equipment - heavy-duty generators worth of $30 million. The first batch, eight generations, will reach Ukraine next week," the Ukrainian media quoted Kuleba as saying at a press briefing on Tuesday.

This is a result of the meetings and agreements between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and the U.S. businessman and philanthropist, he said.

Kuleba added that the Netherlands had allotted 26 heavy-duty transformers, spare parts and equipment, while the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment had supplied 42 kilometers of cable, 259 transformers, flow restrictors and circuit breakers.

Heavy-duty transformers will be received by Ukraine from Czechia.