6 Dec 2022 17:55

Ukrainian embassies to Romania, Denmark receive packages with threats

MOSCOW. Dec 6 (Interfax) - Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said there have been two new cases of threats to Ukrainian embassies.

"A campaign of terror and intimidation has been launched against Ukrainian embassies and consulates. A package containing explosives in Madrid, bloody letters with animal eyes in other capitals," the minister said at a press briefing on Tuesday, according to Ukrainian media reports.

Kuleba also said there have been new cases of dangerous packages sent to Ukrainian embassies.

"Today, our embassies to Romania and Denmark were affected. All those who continue to send these packages, terrorize our embassies, I ask you to relax and do not waste your time and money on postage stamps. You will not achieve anything with this," Kuleba said.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko previously said that there had been 21 cases of threats to Ukrainian embassies and consulates in 12 countries.