28 Nov 2022 16:41

Moldovagaz CEO: Moldovagaz fulfills and will fulfill all financial obligations to Gazprom

CHISINAU. Nov 28 (Interfax) - Moldovagaz is fulfilling and will fulfill all financial obligations to Gazprom , Moldovagaz CEO Vadim Ceban said on social media.

"The transfer of an advance to Gazprom of 50% of the cost of natural gas in November, $21.41 million, was secured on November 21 in line with the invoice presented. [...] [However], taking into account the changes in the structure of natural gas consumption on the part of the right bank of the Dniester [Moldova without Transdniestria] which have led to an increase in the volume of supplies of natural gas from 52.11 million cubic meters to 102 mcm, Moldovagaz's obligations to Gazprom as concerns payment of the advance for November have increased to $41.9 million," Ceban said.

The amount left to pay on the advance for November is $20.49 million, or approximately 402.7 million lei, taking into account the $21.41 million already paid, he said.

"Moldovagaz has, however, secured the transfer of the debt indicated to Gazprom, thus fulfilling its payment obligations on the advance in the new volume to the supplier of natural gas," Ceban said.

"Moldovagaz has remedied breach of payment to Gazprom for the current supplies of Russian gas in November," Gazprom said on Monday.

"Funds for gas intended for Moldovan consumers and held back in the territory of Ukraine have been received by Gazprom. In this regard, it was decided not to reduce the gas supply to the Sudzha interconnection point for transit to Moldova," it said.

Moldovan State Secretary for Energy with the Infrastructure and Regional Development Ministry Constantin Borosan said last week that Gazprom would maintain the volume of gas supplies to Moldova in December at the level of November, which is 43.5% of the country's needs during this period.

Gazprom cut daily volumes of gas supplies to Moldova 30% to 5.7 mcm on October 1, while the country needs 8.06 mcm. Gazprom said the reduction is due to technical problems related to limited gas transit through Ukraine. Gazprom has been supplying Moldova with the same amount of gas in November, 5.7 mcm of gas per day, 49% of the volume the country needs at this time.

Moldova needs around 11 mcm of gas per day in November, two-thirds of which for the Transdniestria region where Moldovan GRES generates electricity. State-owned company Energocom and Moldovan GRES have been unable to agree on the station's supplies of electricity to the right bank of Moldova amid the gas shortage in November. Moldovagaz has cut supplies of gas to Transdniestria 40% from 3.9 mcm per day to 2.3 mcm per day in connection with Moldovan GRES declining to supply electricity to the right bank of the Dniester.