24 Nov 2022 18:08

Putin calls for developing mechanisms to support domestic cloud technologies

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the government to provide support to the development of cloud technologies and platforms that would enable businesses and citizens to operate apps, store data and make calculations.

"Companies must have software and hardware tools and computing power in order to arrange data management and end-to-end digitalization of business processes, and, what is equally important, ensure operations of cloud infrastructure. I am asking the government to provide support to the development of these tracks, including defining special mechanisms as part of the implementation of the federal project in artificial intelligence," he said during the AI Journey conference.

"I would like to also add that support in general must be provided to the development of our own sovereign cloud technologies, in other words, various platforms and services, which would enable companies, citizens and authorities to use resources via the Internet, operate apps, store information and make calculations," the president said.

Such mechanisms need to be established to work and store data on the domestic cloud platform, Putin said. "And it must be done in such way that it would be safer and more reliable than storing information and managing documents on a personal computer or on paper," the president said.

Putin emphasized that this work should involve both technological and regulatory decisions. "I am asking the government and the professional community to address these issues substantively," he said.