24 Nov 2022 17:24

Metals exports do not require state support, sector has adapted rather well - Yevtukhkov

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Metals exports do not require state support, with the sector adapting rather well to the new circumstances, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Yevtukhov told Interfax.

"No special measures are necessary in terms of support for exports of metal products, that is subsidies for transportation. Metals producers have adapted rather well, there's been a diversification both in the domestic market and in exports," he said.

Yevtukhov also said the metallurgical industry development strategy to 2030 was submitted to the government on November 10 was currently with government executive office. "Before that, we received feedback on the draft strategy from interested federal authorities. Most of the colleagues had editorial, non-conceptual comments, which we tried to take into account in the final version of the draft strategy. Some points were finalized, mostly of a technical nature. We hope that the document will be approved next year, but this could happen before the end of this year," he said.

Metal producers have asked for budgeted subsidies for Russian Railways so that the monopoly can provide them with discounts on tariffs to transport products to the Far East, Vedomosti said earlier with reference to the Russian Steel Association. The paper said metals producers and the Industry and Trade Ministry were calculating the subsidy to maintain export flows in various directions, including the Far East.