24 Nov 2022 15:55

FAS confirms orders to cancel price indexation for fertilizers and sulfur in December

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Russia's Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) has approved the decision not to implement in December the previously envisaged price indexation for sulfur, nitrogen and nitrogen-containing fertilizers, the watchdog said in a statement.

"The service has approved the orders and sent them to the largest producers of mineral fertilizer and to Gazprom Gazonefteprodukt Holding," the FAS said.

The FAS recalled that the service's previous methodological recommendations envisaged price indexation for the May-July 2021 period below the rate of inflation in June, September and December of this year.

"In order to maintain the availability of mineral fertilizer and sulfur for domestic farmers, manufacturers are recommended not to raise their cost in December 2022. If the decision is taken, then they should amend trade policies, post these documents on the website, and send the information to the service," the FAS said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov previously announced that price indexation was not planned for fertilizers on the domestic market in December. Manturov said that the decision to raise prices had been postponed until next spring.