24 Nov 2022 15:10

Ukrainian power system gradually recovering after 'emergency shutdowns' - Ukrenergo

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - Ukraine's power system is gradually recovering following damage to its infrastructure on Wednesday evening, the Ukrainian media reported, citing Ukrainian electricity transmission company Ukrenergo.

"All power plants are gradually returning to work, first hydropower plants and thermal power plants and later nuclear power. Ukrenergo's dispatch center projects the shortage in the system will go down in the evening of November 24," Ukrenergo said on Telegram.

A shortage will remain in the power system, however, and Ukrenergo will continue to make use of scheduled limits.

Serious damage to generating facilities "led to emergency shutdowns and mass blackouts for consumers, while due to the specifics of the attack that caused nuclear power plants to shut down, restoration of power in the country is taking longer than after previous attacks," Ukrenergo said.

"The situation remains difficult, but manageable. This means that Ukrenergo is implementing the relevant action protocols to bring power plant units back online and together with regional power distribution companies is employing backup schemes to supply consumers. First of all, critical infrastructure facilities are being reconnected across the country: water supply utilities, heating utilities, drainage systems, and so on. Ukrenergo repair crews and regional companies are not stopping emergency repair work," it said.