24 Nov 2022 11:59

Retailers willing to increase Russian wine sales, which could overtake imports in 2022 - ministry

MOSCOW. Nov 24 (Interfax) - The breakdown of retail sales between Russian and imported wines has shifted in favour of domestic producers in 2022 and is now close to 50/50, but a further significant increase in the share of Russian wines will require producing at least 150 million liters per year, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Yevtukhov said.

"We need more Russian wine in order to properly fill store shelves and continue increasing the share of domestic wines in retail and at restaurants. Experts claim there are 40 million-45 million liters of still and sparkling wine more than last year. This will already make it possible to change the balance between imports and domestic production in favor of Russian winemakers," Yevtukhov told Interfax at a Russian winemaking forum on Thursday.

"But we need at least 150 million liters of quality wine in order to reduce the share of imports in retail to 20-25% from the current 50%, replacing foremost the products of unfriendly countries," he said.

Yevtukhov said he is confident that this can be achieved as the resource base of Russian winemakers develops. "Our colleagues in retail are prepared to increase sales of domestic wine," he said.

Yevtukhov also said that Russia has already made the transition from producing wine from imported wine materials to making wine from domestic grapes. "Imports of wine materials for wine production have essentially stopped," he said.

Russian Export Center head Veronika Nikishina said at the forum that Russia now ranks 12th in the world by wine production. The country ranks 48th by wine exports.