23 Nov 2022 13:15

Court grants Duma TV lawsuit against Google seeking 1 bln rubles - Russian State Duma speaker

MOSCOW. Nov 23 (Interfax) - The Moscow Arbitration Court has fully granted the lawsuit filed by Duma TV (autonomous non-commercial organization Redaktsiya Parlamenskogo Televediniya) against Google LLC seeking to recover one billion rubles, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said at a plenary session on Wednesday.

The court ordered Google to restore user access to the Duma TV YouTube channel. Failure to fulfil the decision will lead to a penalty in an amount of 100,000 rubles a day until the penalty reaches one billion rubles. The penalty will be doubled every week, the Duma press service said.

Volodin suggested deputies take this matter under control, the press service said.

"The Committee on Family Affairs, Women and Children should think where the funds Google is expected to pay Duma TV should go, to solve children's problems. And if the money is not paid, if they try to go into a bankruptcy procedure, we will ask the Security Committee to think about how we will recover this money," the press service quoted Volodin as saying.