22 Nov 2022 19:07

Orphanage evacuated from Ukraine's Odessa to Ankara

MOSCOW. Nov 22 (Interfax) - In accordance with the agreements reached between the first ladies of Ukraine and Turkey, the Odessa orphanage has been evacuated to Ankara, the Ukrainian media reported, citing the press service for the Ukrainian President's Office.

"Thirty-four foster children of Odessa Orphanage No. 3 'Solnyshko' along with persons accompanying them and their children (70 persons in total) were evacuated the other day to Ankara, where they will stay until the situation in Ukraine stabilizes," the statement said.

The group includes children deprived of parental care and those who found themselves in challenging situations. Foster children are accompanied, in particular, by the orphanage staff and employees of Odessa children's medical institutions led by doctor and head of the orphanage Olga Zbrozhik.

Children from the Odessa orphanages have previously been hosted by Lithuania (46) and Chernovtsy (59).