21 Nov 2022 18:24

Lukashenko on Poland missile incident: Looks like 'fixed game'

MINSK. 21 (Interfax) - The recent incident involving a missile that fell on Polish territory looks like "a fixed game" and requires answers to "elementary questions," Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said.

"Why did that crazy missile launched by the Ukrainian military (and note that they fired eastwards to intercept Russian missiles) turn around and fly in the opposite direction? Let professionals answer this question. It doesn't happen this way. Such coincidences never happen," the presidential press service quoted Lukashenko as saying on Monday.

"Well, you can say that, you know, a Russian missile had already passed Lvov and had almost been on its way to Poland, and therefore, the S-300 turned around and was heading westwards. Then there is this question: why did Ukrainians shoot toward a NATO state? And then there's the main question, which nobody has answered, and the Americans are keeping silent: when the Ukrainians fired their S-300 missile, what targets were they aiming at? There were no missiles in the air at the time. Silence. And the Americans are keeping silence and not saying anything. Because they understand that we also monitor this territory. And we see something here, too," he said.

"These elementary questions need to be answered. Why was a NATO state attacked right at the time of the G20 summit, as it was presented originally? You know, I am afraid to make conclusions, but it looks so much like a fixed game. But they slightly miscalculated it, and people were killed. And the Poles need to answer their own population. The Polish leadership must answer the Poles how it could happen, why Polish territory was struck, who had arranged that, why the missile turned from the east to the west, and why it was fired when there were no Russian missiles at the time. There were no missiles at that moment. These questions should be answered, and then everything will become clear," Lukashenko said.

He also mentioned the United States leadership's sensible and reserved reaction to the incident.

"Good for them. Joe Biden. He deserves credit for saying honestly: 'Excuse me, but [the missile] wasn't Russian'," Lukashenko said.