21 Nov 2022 16:58

At least 5 mln have lost jobs, some 7 mln left Ukraine - Economy Ministry

MOSCOW. Nov 21 (Interfax) - At least 5 million people in Ukraine have lost jobs and about 7 million people have left the country as a result of the crisis, Ukrainian Deputy Economy Minister Tatyana Berezhnaya said at the Polish-Ukrainian Economic Forum.

"At least 5 million people have lost jobs. The level of unemployment has grown significantly," Ukrainian media quoted Berezhnaya's statement during social policy debates, available on the Ukrainian Economy Ministry website.

This is why the Ukrainian government's priorities include economic stabilization and recovery, the development of the labor market, the return of people home, and the creation of new jobs, she said.

Among the programs aimed at resolving these problems, Berezhnaya mentioned available crediting for businesses, the relocation of enterprises, grant support for the development of entrepreneurship, engagement of the unemployed in community service under the Army of Recovery project, and partial unemployment assistance programs.

"We understand that we are facing great challenges and problems in the path of Ukraine's recovery and the return of our people. We hope our international partners will support us in that," Berezhnaya said.