17 Nov 2022 12:58

APEC summit atmosphere less tense compared to G20, there is hope for coordinating final declaration on Thursday - Russian deputy FM

BANGKOK. Nov 17 (Interfax) - The atmosphere at the APEC summit is less tense than it was at the G20 summit at the beginning of the week, and hopefully, the summit's final declaration will be coordinated as early as Thursday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin said at a press briefing while commenting on the APEC ministerial meeting in Bangkok.

"We are working so that the final declaration gives a balanced account of postures, just as was the case [at the G20 summit] in Bali in the end. We acknowledge the existence of completely different views from a number of countries - from hardline to measured, sympathetic and supportive of our course. We managed to achieve that at the G20 [summit] after extremely challenging negotiations. This venue was a little less tense from the beginning, the work is in progress, and I very much hope it will be over tonight and the final declaration and a series of final documents will be coordinated. Then, we will be able to reach agreements," Pankin, who represented the Russian Foreign Ministry at the meeting said.

"In my opinion, the Thai chairmanship realizes the significance of the moment, including the importance of the groundwork laid in Bali, as nearly half of the [G20 summit] participants are here. So, I am hoping we will arrive at a solution acceptable to everyone, including us," he said.

"Neither the G20 nor the APEC should be the venues to address, the more so resolve, security issues, although we naturally admit, and this is said in the declaration, that security issues may influence global and regional economies," Pankin said.

A broader use of national currencies in mutual settlements was discussed, he added.

"These issues have been and are still being discussed with certain colleagues. They are in progress. Certain technical requirements exist for shifting to settlements in national currencies or currencies of third countries. To a large extent, the groundwork is being prepared, because decisions are mostly made with every particular state on bilateral basis," Pankin said.

The APEC summit will be held on November 18-19 at the level of heads of state and heads of delegation. Foreign and trade ministers are meeting on November 16-17. Pankin and Deputy Economic Development Minister Vladimir Ilyichev are attending the meetings on behalf of Russia.