15 Nov 2022 19:28

Ukraine sows 92% of planned areas with winter crops - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

MOSCOW. Nov 15 (Interfax) - Ukrainian agricultural producers sowed 4.4 million hectares with main winter crops (92% of the forecasted 4.7 million hectares) by November 15, including 97,000 hectares sown in the past week of November 8-15, the Ukrainian media reported, citing the website of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry on Tuesday.

According to the ministry, 93% of the planned areas, or 3.7 million hectares, have been sown with wheat, 600,000 hectares with barley (89%) and 79,100 hectares with rye (92%).

Farmers in the Vinnitsa, Volyn, Kiev, Poltava, Ternopol and Chernovtsy regions have fully completed the sowing of winter crops, with 164,100 hectares sown in the Kiev region, or 124.7% of the forecast, and in other five regions (100%-101% of the forecast). The Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky and Chernigov regions are nearing the completion of the sowing works.

In addition, the winter rape was sown on 999,000 hectares in Ukraine, which is 104% of the previously planned target.

Therefore, 5.4 million hectares of winter grains and oilseeds have been sown in Ukraine by November 15, which is 61% of the last year's areas.

In 2021, Ukraine has allocated 8.87 million hectares for winter crops, including 6.66 million hectares for wheat, 1.02 million hectares for barley, 160,600 hectares for rye, and 1.03 million hectares for rape.