14 Nov 2022 21:09

Denmark, following Sweden, allows Nord Stream to examine pipeline damage

MOSCOW. Nov 14 (Interfax) - The Danish Geodata Agency has given the company

Nord Stream AG permission to examine the pipeline rupture location in the Danish exclusive economic zone.

"Until recently access to the relevant damage sites for a hydrographic survey was not possible due to the exclusion zone established by the Danish Maritime Authority," the company said in its report.

"On 11 November 2022, the radius of the exclusion zone for maritime navigation has been decreased from 5 nautical miles to 500 meters around the pipeline damage zone. At the same time, the Danish Maritime Authority has granted Nord Stream AG an exemption that allows, under certain conditions, including weather, to approach the damage area at a distance sufficient to carry out part of relevant works," the report said.

"After receiving permission to enter the restricted area, the vessel chartered by Nord Stream AG moved into the area of damage and began to survey the pipeline rupture points. The duration of the survey will depend on access restrictions to the damaged area related to weather conditions," the operator company said.

According to earlier reports, depressurization of two threads of Nord Stream 1 and one of Nord Stream 2 took place near the Danish island of Bornholm on September 26.

The first Nord Stream line, with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year, is currently inoperable due to gas pump engine wear-and-tear and compressor equipment breakdowns being unrepairable because of sanctions.

Nord Stream 2 has the same capacity, is complete and ready to use, but its launch is being thwarted by red tape and sanctions.

A vessel shipped in by Nord Stream AG began initial survey work in the exclusive economic zone of Sweden on October 27.