11 Nov 2022 20:00

Ban on entry in Russia is imposed on 200 U.S. citizens based on reciprocity - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. Nov 11 (Interfax) - Moscow is imposing a ban on entry into the country on 200 U.S. citizens, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"A ban on entry to the Russian Federation is imposed on 200 U.S. citizens in response to the personal sanctions that are being constantly imposed by the Biden administration not only against Russian officials, businessmen and members of the public, culture figures, but also on those who are in Washington's disfavor for this or that reason," the ministry said in a statement.

Among them are "some representatives of bodies of authority and legislators, as well as their close relatives, heads of companies and enterprises in the defense sector, experts and lobbyists involved in the fueling of the Russophobic campaign and support of the regime in Kiev," it said.

The Foreign Ministry has published a list of the 200 people who are on the Russian stop list on a permanent basis. In particular, they include relatives of the incumbent president of the United States.