10 Nov 2022 16:49

Tinkoff Bank mulling several M&A deals, ready to buy loan portfolios

MOSCOW. Nov 10 (Interfax) - Tinkoff Bank is mulling several M&A deals in complementary areas for the group, and the bank is ready to buy loan portfolios, Stanislav Bliznyuk, the bank's board executive, told reporters on the sidelines of Finopolis.

"We are always ready to buy and are looking. This also applies to loan portfolios. Everything is good with liquidity, and capital adequacy, so we are ready to buy," Bliznyuk said.

"We are also looking at several M&A deals, as we are ready for a stable area in this part," Bliznyuk added.

In addition to the bank and the insurance company, the Tinkoff ecosystem includes Tinkoff Business; Tinkoff Investments; Tinkoff Mobile, a virtual mobile operator; Tinkoff Travel, a platform for buying railway and air tickets, making hotel reservations, and renting cars; as well as booking lifestyle services.

Tinkoff Bank ranked 13 in in 2021 in terms of assets in the Interfax-100 ranking prepared by the Interfax Center for Economic Analysis.