8 Nov 2022 21:47

U.S. allocates $25 mln to help Ukraine get through winter

WASHINGTON. Nov 8 (Interfax) - Ukraine is to receive another $25 million in aid for the coming winter period, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The United States, via USAID, is providing an additional $25 million to support vulnerable people in Ukraine during the harsh winter," the statement said.

The money increases the U.S. aid for Ukraine's population ahead of winter, primarily those living in the east, the document said.

USAID's partner, the International Migration Organization, too, will provide Ukrainians with humanitarian aid throughout the season.

Last month USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced investments in Ukraine of $55 million for heating and another $216 million in humanitarian aid in the run-up to winter. That brings the USAID's total input dedicated to preparing Ukraine for winter to approximately $271 million.