8 Nov 2022 10:57

Russian govt prohibits military-technical cooperation with 74 companies from unfriendly countries

MOSCOW. Nov 8 (Interfax) - The Russian government has imposed a ban as part of retaliatory sanctions on deals related to military-technical cooperation with 74 organizations from unfriendly countries, according to a statement published on the government's website.

"The government endorsed a list of foreign companies that are subject to sanctions in the field of military-technical cooperation. This list consists of 74 organizations from Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Estonia, and the United States. Deals in the field of military-technical cooperation are prohibited with companies from this list," according to the statement.

The document to this effect was signed on November 5 and amends the Russian government's Directive No. 851, dated May 11, 2022, it said.

"The directive was prepared pursuant to the president's decree 'On the application of retaliatory special economic measures in connection with unfriendly measures by some foreign states and international organizations'. In May 2022, pursuant to the same decree, the government endorsed a list of legal entities subject to special economic measures. More than 30 organizations, mostly former subsidiaries of Gazprom, were added to this list," it said.

The document put Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) in charge of submitting proposals on possible amendments to this list to the government.

Furthermore, FSMTC will be able to issue temporary permits "to perform individual operations" with organizations from this list and their subsidiaries.

The list of companies targeted by Russian countersanctions includes 21 organizations from Germany, 15 from Bulgaria, 12 from Poland, six from Slovakia, five from Lithuania, four from the Czech Republic, three from the UK and Montenegro each, two from the U.S. and Canada each, and one from Estonia. The full list is available for viewing on the Russian government's website.