3 Nov 2022 20:20

Switzerland to allocate CHF 100 mln for urgent restoration of Ukraine's energy infrastructure

MOSCOW. Nov 3 (Interfax) - The Swiss Federal Council at a meeting on November 2 adopted an action plan to mitigate the impact of the coming winter for the Ukrainian local population. In particular, this concerns the allocation of CHF 100 million for the projects to finance the urgent rehabilitation of Ukraine's energy infrastructure, the Federal Council's press service said.

"Around 18 million people in Ukraine - some 40 per cent of the population - are dependent on aid due to the crisis. With the onset of winter, this number may rise to 24 million. Over 30 per cent of Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been damaged. Ukraine requires additional aid from the international community to deal with this emergency," the Swiss Federal Council is quoted by the Ukrainian media as saying in a statement.

In this regard, the Federal Council has adopted a Winter Aid Action Plan to support the people of Ukraine in addition to the existing humanitarian project. The action plan includes funding for the urgent restoration of energy infrastructure and alleviation of the precarious humanitarian situation. In particular, Switzerland is helping the Ukrenergo company purchase energy sources and spare parts, contributing to the repair of rail fastening systems (for the transport of heavy goods such as grain) and providing humanitarian support.

The Federal Council will submit a request to the parliament for a supplementary credit of CHF 76 million to cover these areas of activity.