1 Nov 2022 09:05

Gas hub is realistic project, quite fast to implement - Putin

SOCHI. Nov 1 (Interfax) - A gas hub in Turkey is a realistic project, which is quite fast to implement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference on Monday.

There are always buyers for gas, as this is a product in high demand worldwide, Putin said. "Gas is the most environmentally friendly hydrocarbon, an ideal primary energy source for the transition to green energy. I know that there are many consumers and there is a large number of those wishing to buy Russian gas," he said.

"As for choosing Turkey as a possible hub for deliveries to Europe, in this case, I believe it is clear why we made this proposal. This is because direct work with European partners is extremely challenging. Besides, there were tragic events related to the pipeline explosions. As it often happens, as it happens almost every time, the Europeans keep silent as if it were the way it should be. This is happening despite the fact that their interests are fundamentally undermined. What is more, some dare say that Russia was behind the explosions. It's hard to imagine such nonsense, they come up with all sorts of absurdities," he said.

"It is easier for us to work with Turkey because [Turkish] President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan is a man of his word. It may be difficult to reach an agreement but once we agree we try to stay committed. That's for starters. Secondly, it is easier for us to control the waters of the Black Sea. This is a rather realistic project, and we can implement it fast," Putin said.

There will be enough parties willing to sign contracts, Putin said. "Let us see what happens this winter or next winter. I have no doubt that contracts will be signed. After all, we may use European nations to transit our supplies to other parts of the world. Still, I have no doubt there will be plenty of those in Europe wishing to do so," he said.