31 Oct 2022 15:22

Ukraine testing electricity deliveries from Slovakia

MOSCOW. Oct 31 (Interfax) - Amid an energy crisis, Ukraine is carrying out test supplies of electricity from Slovakia, according to information on the website of ENTSO-E, the network of European system operators.

Ukrainian energy trader ERU Trading, controlled by Yaroslav Mudriy and Dale Perry, booked electricity imports from Slovakia in the amount of 5 MW for all hours of the day on October 29, according to the results of the daily auction. Actual supplies by the company to Ukraine on Saturday amounted to 5 MW for 3 hours.

Prior to that, the state-owned energy trader JSC Energy Company of Ukraine (JSC EKU) made its first test delivery of 1 MW from Slovakia on October 27. Furthermore, the ENTSO-E website shows a physical delivery on October 16, when a 50 MW section was booked by D.Trading for four days.

Starting on October 16, Ukrainian traders D.Trading, EKU, and ERU Trading began booking different interchange capacity from Slovakia. At the October 30 auction, they were joined by Nextrade LLC, which for the first time booked 10 MW of interchange capacity from this country for 6 hours.

Furthermore, D.Trading (3 MW, 15 MW, and 25 MW at different hours) booked interchange capacity on October 30.