28 Oct 2022 09:20

Putin: Russia will let friendly countries into its extractive assets from which other foreign investors withdrawing

MOSCOW. Oct 28 (Interfax) - Russia intends to allow companies from friendly countries into extractive projects in Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, answering questions as part of the Valdai Discussion Club.

"We will allow our partner friends into our extractive resources, why not? Just like we did with the Europeans, the Americans. But they prefer to leave our market, well, let them have it - they may move wherever they want, in any direction. But is it good for them or not? I think that it is actually bad. They are leaving with losses after all. Whoever wants to come in, let them come in, we are open for cooperation," he said.

The president also emphasized that he did not see insurmountable obstacles for redirecting Russian energy supplies to Asian markets.

"The Power of Siberia was built not because of the events in Ukraine. It was built because we were aware that the energy needs of our friends in China are growing and we have the capacity to meet those needs. We are also negotiating with India on various ways to bring energy resources to the Indian market, with other countries. We will continue to liquefy natural gas. Our participation in the global LNG markets is still modest, but it is growing all the time, and we will continue to do so. We will develop this trend. Not even in view of today's restrictions, but in view of the trends in the global economy," Putin said.