27 Oct 2022 12:56

S7 switches to Russian system for booking tickets

MOSCOW. Oct 27 (Interfax) - S7 Airlines has switched to a Russian system for booking airline tickets, according to the carrier's website.

"On October 26, we switched to a Russian system for booking airline tickets and registering passengers. The main services are already working as usual, including payments using [frequent-flier] miles," according to the website.

As previously reported, S7 chose JSC Online Reservation Systems as its system provider. S7 had previously used the services of Spain's Amadeus system provider for many years.

Prior to sanctions being imposed against Russia regarding Ukraine, Russia's largest airlines used the services of foreign providers of booking systems. Specifically, Aeroflot used U.S.-based Saber, Pobeda used U.S.-based Navitaire, and S7 and Ural Airlines used Amadeus. Pobeda switched to the Russian Leonardo system in June, and Ural Airlines began switching to Leonardo in October. Aeroflot has planned to switch to Leonardo as of November 1.