25 Oct 2022 15:45

Tatiana Fileva resigns as CEO of S7, remains co-owner of group

MOSCOW. Oct 25 (Interfax) - Tatiana Fileva, co-owner of the S7 aviation group, whose legal name is CJSC S7 Group of Companies, has resigned as the company's CEO, an S7 official representative told Interfax.

Dmitry Kudelkin, who was previously the company's deputy CEO, was appointed to replace Fileva as CEO as of October 21, the representative said. "As CEO, Dmitry will focus on the strategic development and operating efficiency of the S7 group of companies in the new conditions," according to the representative.

Fileva "as a shareholder, will continue to take part in resolving the holding's strategic issues," the representative added.

The RBC publication previously reported on Fileva's resignation as CEO of S7, citing three sources close to the group. According to the sources, Fileva has left Russia temporarily, as she had previously planned to study abroad.