21 Oct 2022 17:34

Ukraine harvests 44 mln tonnes of primary crops from 67% of planned area

MOSCOW. Oct 21 (Interfax) - Ukrainian farmers have harvested 44.1 million tonnes of primary crops from an overall area of 13.13 million hectares as of October 21, the Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry said in a statement on its website.

According to the ministry, 10.8 million tonnes have been harvested from 3.03 million hectares over the past two weeks. The overall area of farmland from which crops have been harvested increased 5 percentage points to 67% of the planned harvest area over that time.

The wheat, barley, pea, and rapeseed harvests have already been completed. Millet has been harvested from 93% of the planned area, up 17 pp in two weeks, buckwheat from 88%, up 40 pp, sunflower seeds from 68%, up 40 pp, soybeans from 52%, up 38 pp, sugar beets from 49%, up 30 pp, and corn from 12%, up 10 pp.

The final wheat harvest totaled 19.2 million tonnes from 4.7 million hectares this season, barley totaled 5.5 million tonnes from 1.6 million hectares, rapeseed 3.1 million tonnes from 1.96 million hectares, and peas 261,000 tonnes from 111,500 hectares.

As of October 21, 7 million tonnes of sunflower seeds have been harvested from 3.2 million hectares, 4.2 million tonnes of sugar beets from 89,000 hectares, 2.7 million tonnes of corn from 528,000 hectares, 1.9 million tonnes of soybeans from 798,000 hectares, 141,000 tonnes of buckwheat from 104,000 hectares, and 97,000 tonnes of millet from 42,000 hectares.

The average yield for all crops in the current season totals 39.1 centners per hectare, including 50.7 centners per hectare for corn, 41.2 centners per hectare for wheat, 35.1 centners per hectare for barley, 28.9 centners per hectare for rapeseed, 23.6 centners per hectare for soybeans, 23.4 centners per hectare for peas, 23.3 centners per hectare for millet, 21.9 centners per hectare for sunflowers, 13.6 centners per hectare for buckwheat, and 478 centners per hectare for sugar beets.

Ukraine gathered a record harvest of cereal, pulse, and oilseed crops in 2021 totaling 106 million tonnes, including 84 million tonnes of cereal and pulse crops and 22.6 million tonnes of oilseeds.

Ukraine harvested a total of 32.4 million tonnes of wheat, 40 million tonnes of corn, 10 million tonnes of barley, 581,500 tonnes of peas, 191,000 tonnes of millet, and 110,000 tonnes of buckwheat, 16.3 million tonnes of sunflower seeds, 3.4 million tonnes of soybeans, and 2.9 million tonnes of rapeseed last year.