21 Oct 2022 14:07

Kazakhstan considers exporting oil to Finland to be promising, though lack of available tank cars is hindrance - energy ministry

ASTANA. Oct 21 (Interfax) - Kazakhstan, which has been supplying oil to Finland for a while now, considers the route promising, though the lack of available tank cars causes complications, Kazakh Energy Minister Bolat Akchulakov said.

"Along Finland has always been one of the routes (...) where oil has been supplied by railway. Therefore, it is being considered in principle as one of the options (...)," Akchulakov said when answering about Kazakh companies supplying oil to Finland.

Akchulakov specified that this supply market has never been large-capacity, saying that, "a large amount of oil has never been shipped there."

"The distance is quite far, and a large number of tank cars are required. Considering the current situation as a whole, the turnover rate of railway cars has unfortunately increased. For example, it could take two weeks previously, but it can take a month or more now in the current realities. Even more tank cars would be necessary for this. Unfortunately, they are currently limited. Therefore, it is rather difficult to find available tank cars on the market today," the minister said.