19 Oct 2022 14:32

Russia's Industry and Trade Ministry urges customers to give preference to domestic manufacturers of telecoms equipment

MOSCOW. Oct 19 (Interfax) - Russian domestic companies and manufacturers should fill the niche for telecommunications equipment that has been vacated following the exit of foreign manufacturers from Russia, and local customers should give preference to these products, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Vasily Shpak said on Wednesday during the "Digitalization as a tool for ensuring national security" plenary session at the Digitech 2022 international forum.

"There will be no return although our 'quote ... unquote' respected partners are constantly pushing us towards this. Not so long ago, the Americans withdrew telecommunications equipment from sanctions, and it was reported today in the media that Cisco plans to return to our market. The most important matter is that we ourselves have understood that this company must not be permitted to return easily to the same niche that it vacated," Shpak said.

The deputy minister noted that Russia itself must form demand for electronics with domestic software that should become "the basis for technological independence."

"And this niche must be occupied by our manufacturers," Shpak stressed.