18 Oct 2022 18:36

Belarusian authorities plan to set up microelectronics association

MINSK. Oct 18 (Interfax) - The Belarusian National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is initiating the establishment in the country of an association for the microelectronics sector, which will unite developers and manufacturers, NAS Chairman Vladimir Gusakov said.

"We propose a major association in the field of microelectronics be set up in the country in order to unite all manufacturers and developers, in particular, not only the Academy of Sciences, but also the Ministry of Industry and other ministries and institutions so that we can solve this problem in its entirety - from the production of chips to digital doubles, and creating electronic systems for industries," Gusakov is quoted by the SB. Belarus Segodnya state-run publication as saying following a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Lukashenko generally backed this initiative, he said.

"A new association is proposed to be set up in the form of a concern headed by Integral [Belarusian microelectronics manufacturer] or the Academy of Sciences. The president ordered that various options be considered," he added.

Belarus is planning to establish the industrial production of electric passenger cars of its own design, probably with the involvement of Russian companies as part of the Union State, Gusakov also said. "The goal and task is to make these cars not only efficient, but also affordable in terms of prices. And reliable, especially as far as the electric storage unit is concerned: it should provide normal mileage (not less than 500 kilometers). In addition, it has to be our component base. We have to create our own Belarusian electric car or one within the Union State. We are ready for that," he said.

"Now we need to attract and integrate other manufacturers," the head of the National Academy of Sciences added.

He noted that the country had already created a car and a truck of "100% Belarusian design," as well as an electric sports car.