14 Oct 2022 16:23

Novak estimates potential to supply gas via TurkStream following expansion at 63 bcm per year

MOSCOW. Oct 14 (Interfax) - The potential for supplying gas to Europe via the Black Sea and Turkey after the TurkStream pipeline has been expanded is 63 billion cubic meters per year, Deputy Russian Prime Minister Alexander Novak told the Anadolu news agency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday came up with the initiative of laying additional gas pipeline strings from Russia to Turkey and setting up a gas hub on the border of the European Union, which could become an alternative to other gas price discovery centers in Europe.

Gazprom once planned to build the South Stream four-string trunk pipeline across the Black Sea to Bulgaria with a capacity of 63 billion cubic meters of gas. In order to export these amounts of gas, infrastructure was being created in Russia. After the South Stream project was eventually cancelled, TurkStream, a two-string pipeline, half the size by capacity at 31.5 bcm, took its place. However, Gazprom went on creating as much capacity to deliver gas to the Black Sea coast as was initially projected.

Two pipeline projects have so far been carried out: Blue Stream and two strings of the TurkStream pipeline.

Novak said the aborted South Stream pipeline would have had four strings with overall capacity of 63 bcm.

"This is that potential that can be used via the Black Sea, via the Turkish Republic, for gas supplies to European consumers provided there is demand for this and it will be ensured by the reliable and secure operation of the relevant pipelines. If there is such demand and all parties are interested then I think new could look at such a project," he said.

Commenting on the situation with attempted sabotage of TurkStream, Novak said the pipeline's operation is for the relevant company to take care of. "It has the appropriate security service and its work has definitely been enhanced in the current situation to ensure the gas pipeline's safe and reliable operation," he said.