12 Oct 2022 16:04

Russian gas hub on Turkish-EU border could replace Nord Streams - Miller

MOSCOW. Oct 12 (Interfax) - Restoring the Nord Stream gas pipelines will be a lengthy process that could take years, and moving capacity to the Black Sea would be a valid idea, Alexei Miller, CEO of Gazprom , said at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum.

"How long will it take to restore it? Technological issues are also important. The first is a political one. The EU and Germany must say whether they are interested in the restoration of the gas pipelines and give guarantees for their safety. The restoration will take more than one year, this will be quite a long affair," Miller added.

He said Gazprom was ready to set up a trading hub on the EU-Turkish border.

"The TurkStream pipeline passes through only two economic zones - Russia and Turkey, and the depth there is not like in the Baltic. TurkStream has established itself as a reliable supply channel to both Turkey and Europe. We could look at a trading hub on the border between the European Union and Turkey," Miller said.

Fatih Donmez, the Turkish energy minister, said "this is the first we have heard of this proposal, it is too soon to say." "We need to discuss some legal, trade and economic issues, technical aspects. You know that we are reliable partners and have implemented many projects. I think the president's proposal should be discussed, and this is possible," he said.