12 Oct 2022 13:16

Fesco sees Russian container market adapting quickly to exit of foreigners, no container shortage

MOSCOW. Oct 12 (Interfax) - Russia's container market is adapting quickly to the departure of foreign companies and there is no shortage of containers, the vice president of the liner and logistics division of Fesco Transportation Group, German Maslov said at the Retail Week 22 forum on Wednesday.

"Let me answer the question of whether there are enough containers. There are certainly enough containers. The gloomy forecast that we had in April-May that all containers will disappear because large companies shipped them out did not come true. Because, first of all, Russian companies began to quickly build containers, us included, and replace foreign ones. Secondly, a whole range of other carriers came who came with their own containers. These are primarily Chinese carriers," Maslov said.

He added that there is currently no shortage of containers on the Russian Railways or in Asia or at primary points.

The flagship of the Fesco Group is the Far Eastern Shipping Company (Fesco) .